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How Did We Get Here?

Little cartoon about Why We Do What We Do

NBC Interview of Chip about our Therapy years ago

Answers To Your Questions

Total Motion Release (TMR) Theory by Tom Dalonzo-Baker, the founder of TMR (and previous owner)

"If I only work my Good Side, Won't the Other Side get Weaker?"

Why are you working parts of my body that don't hurt?

What happens when you crack your joints?

Reasons Why Pain Returns

Why you can feel better after your appointments, but not later

Thoughts On Soreness and What To Do About It

Why am I feeling soreness / pains in new areas now?

Chip's Cool Trick on how to fix Sore Thighs

What People Are Saying

What a Doctor had to say about our therapy

What Did this LPGA Golfer have to say about our PT and Chip's Golf Warm-Up?

Some of Chip's Favorite Exercises to show your friends

Golf Warm-Up

How to Help Sciatica Pain with a Leg Raise Exercise

General Low Back Pain Exercise

Neck pain or stiffness Exercise

Headache Exercise

Arthritic Low Back Pain Exercise

Low Back Disc Injury Exercise

Knee Pain Exercise

Shoulder Pain Exercise

Foot/Plantar Fasciitis Pain Exercise

Best Ever Hamstring Exercise

Hip Pain Exercise

So do you think that our therapy tool is backed up by research?

New Research Reveals Exercising One Arm Has Twice the Benefits. CLICK HERE

Orthopedic Journal about how TMR is great for Hamstring tightness. CLICK HERE

University Study on how TMR helped a chronic leg pain lady, CLICK HERE

Orthopedic Journal on how TMR can help with rotation in baseball throwers, CLICK HERE

Research on how TMR is a better warm up for baseball athletes than traditional warm up, CLICK HERE

More research on how TMR is better warm up for baseball athletes than dynamic warm up, CLICK HERE

Why working the opposite side can help with decreased pain and range of motion, CLICK HERE

International Journal on how TMR helps with acute neck pain, CLICK HERE

Athletic Trainer article on how TMR helps with range of motion in college swimmers, CLICK HERE

International Journal on how TMR helped a cheerleader with frozen shoulder, CLICK HERE

A Novel approach to treatment utilizing breathing and a total motion release® exercise program in high school cheerleader with a diagnosis of frozen shoulder: A Case Report, CLICK HERE

Want more research?  CLICK HERE